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Xinxiang Yulong Textile Organized The Spring Outing Activities

2017-03-24 14:45 | writer: admin

Xinxiang Yulong Textile Organized The Spring Outing Activities
It was sunny on 18th of March,company organized all the staff walk to local eco-park from our company by foot.We set off at 8:30am in the morning,and arrive destination after three hours,We began to enjoy the farmhouse meal of eco-park after a break.
Along the way, the willows on both sides of the road just sprout,the river is on the left side of the road,the cherry blossom on the right side of the road.everyone laughed and was immersed in a spring full of vigor and beautiful scenery.All kinds of fruit trees a flourishing scene of prosperity,contend in beauty and fascination.
Around 40 peoples after a long trek found that lack of exercise of trade business team young people not as good as after-sales teachers,sit long time in the office,inevitable lead to physical quality becomes poor,occasionally go out to sporting can stimulate physical energy,improve the body immunity.
Such as humanized management,to make our Yulong Textile team stronger;Such as fully attention to the encourage physical and mental health,to lead our Yulong Textile steadily forward.

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