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Yulong Textile Organized Staff Training

2017-04-05 16:16 | writer: admin

Yulong Textile Organized Staff Training
Since Yulong Textile's inception, the continuous improvement of professional quality has been advocated and implemented. In the early days of our company development, our learning program is not perfect. From 2010, we regularly develop different training programs for employees in different departments.
For our production department, their learning goal is to continuously improve the quality of the various production processes, so they need different protective function of the fabric production process needs to master the very meticulous. With the continuous development of the process, they also need to continuously improve their own quality. For our sales department, their learning goal is to continue to improve their familiarity with the product, the second is to continuously improve communication skills with customers, the third is to continuously improve the understanding of a variety of after-sales process. We have so different training arrangements for all other departments
This week, we organized such a training program for the sales department. At the meeting, experienced old employees are not stingy to share with others the knowledge he has, others are constantly asking and adding. Although only a short two hours, but we all harvest full.
We started from the production of flame-retardant fabric, step by step, after more than 10 years of continuous development, has grown into a flame-retardant fabric-based, fire-retardant anti-static fabrics, fluorescent fabrics, aramid fabric, anti- Oil and other fabrics and other functional fabrics and functional protective clothing as one of the enterprises. It is based on the continuous improvement of the skills, all-round raise the quality, in order to let us continue to progress.
A business want long-term development, only their own continuous learning, keep up with the pace of development. Only continue to enhance the internal staff of the various literacy, and constantly meet the market demand, coupled with their own products and services, enterprises will have developed by leaps and bounds.

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