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"One Belt and One Road" Lead Yulong Textile to New Tread Direction

2017-05-27 17:26 | writer: admin

"One Belt and One Road" Lead Yulong Textile to New Tread Direction
On 14th to 15th May, 2017, China hosted in Beijing peak BBS "One belt and one road" of international cooperation. From 2013 Xi President put forward the co-construction and the Silk Road economic belt and the maritime silk route important cooperation initiative of the 21st century, "made in China", "China construction", "China service" become more popular along the countries.
Xinxiang Yulong textile co., LTD. We as under the new situation of the foreign trade export enterprise, we export to countries along the " One belt and one road " of sales amount is increased year by year, and sales range is expanding, from the Asia-Pacific economic circle, to the European economic circle, and even sold to South America, Oceania.
"One Belt And One Road" brought great opportunities to our Yulong Textile, but challenge as well. We only seize the opportunity at the same time, uniting well our own internal work, improve product quality, improve product variety, improve the quality of service. Only their own strong unceasingly, can compete better with world-class textile company.

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