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Central American Customers Reorder CP 10000 meters Cotton Flame Retardant Fabric in June

2017-06-15 17:34 | writer: admin

cotton flame retardant fabric
Central American customer order again to our yulong textile for CP cotton flame retardant fabric, the customer said to us they are very satisfied with our service and quality.
CP flame retardant process is a kind of cotton cloth slightly upscale flame retardant treatment process, this process compared with PROBAN process, low formaldehyde content, up to 75 parts per million, completely conform to the requirements of the OEKO - TEX100 certification, and the sun with the fabric color fastness to no damage, can guarantee the above grade 4. This time the customers from Central America choose 200 grams of orange twill cotton flame retardant fabric, because this kind of flame retardant fabric's color is bright, soft light, and it has good moisture absorption perspiration performance, fully meet customer demand for products.
This customer has 5 years of cooperation relations five years before, and this reorder is based on the foundation of our good cooperation. Our Yulong Textile is always following to the slogan "To the enterprise for excellent quality, with the high quality service to the heart of god".

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