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Pakistan Tanker Fire Caused Heavy Casualties

2017-07-11 17:26 | writer: admin

Pakistan Tanker Fire Caused Heavy Casualties
On 25 June, a tanker dumped in the eastern part of Pakistan, and as of now, 190 people have been killed. The fire engulfed dozens of cars on the road, including 75 motorcycles and 4 cars. It is reported that the accident is a rollover by a tanker, causing the local residents to crowd and loot the oil on the road, the scene was smoking, and may trigger a fire.
As we all know, tankers are flammable and explosive dangerous goods, especially prone to static electricity, burning and even explosion and other accidents. At home and abroad, the tanker transport has a clear legal requirements. And in the event of an accident, the personal safety of the relevant personnel is particularly important. It is necessary for a staff member in such a hazardous environment to be fitted with a fitted flame retardant antistatic suit that can effectively reduce the number of casualties so that the person concerned can be protected by a protective suit Of the fire-retardant anti-static performance to delay their own burns, so that people have a certain time to escape the scene of the accident.
Production of fire-retardant anti-static overalls produced by Xinxiang Yulong textile used after finishing of flame-retardant fabrics and permanent anti-static function of anti-static fabric from the superposition of our uniforms can be washed 100 times the flame retardant and permanent anti- Static function, can be very good to ensure that the wearer's personal safety.

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