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You Protect Road, We Protect You

2017-07-20 17:55 | writer: admin

You Protect Road, We Protect You
Since July, many cities has suffered rainstorm, so many roads were flooded and the traffic was disrupted. There are a group of people whose duty is to protect the road. They reinforce the weak spot of road in the day and put sandbags into the both sides of the road to block off the flood. In order to prevent the rainstorm’s surprise attack, they need to await orders in the workplace for 24 hours. They just have a temporary rest on the ground when they feel tired and sleepy. The rain let the wet ground more wet. When we sleep with the special feeling of living near the sea, there are thousands of roads guardians work in every vital communication line day and night. They make sure the normal operation of every roads, and they are fearless and painstaking. They protect road, thus, let us to protect their safety.
With the fast development of traffic, the harm probability of people who work on the road is greatly increased. Workers who engaged in highway and railway maintenance, traffic dispersion, parking apron maintenance will be threaten their life security when they work under the special weather and environment. However, if they use the high visibility workwear, the rate to appear safety problem will be decreased.
The high visibility workwear produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile has fabulous high visibility performance. These products have bright color, high color fastness and stable light fastness features, etc. Our products can reach EN20471 certification that international required. What is more, we research 100% cotton high visibility yellow fabric which can reach international standards based on the common high visibility fabrics. We use nature combed cotton with soft touch to close your skin which can effectively protect workers from the unconspicuous harm.

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