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European New Customer Orders 400 grams CVC Fire Retardant Fabric

2017-07-25 17:39 | writer: admin

fire retardant fabric
In the middle of June, we got a European customer's inquiry about the fire retardant fabric, after our sales communicate with customer, we know that customers need fabric used for the metallurgical industry, to make fireproof workwear. After studying with R & D department , we recommend to the customer 400 grams of CVC fire retardant fabric.
As this fabric is made of 75% cotton and 25% polyester, in the application of our Yulong Textile unique and mature fire retardant technology treatment, it has excellent durability fire retardant, the number of washable can reach more than 100 times, and the fire retardant performance can meet the European standard EN11612. The CVC fire retardant fabric has a good breathable moisture permeability, non-toxic harmless, wear-resistant, comfortable to wear. But also in the dry and wet conditions, its flexibility and wear resistance are good, good dimensional stability, shrinkage rate is small, tall and straight, easy to fold, easy to wash, quick drying and other characteristics.
After a month of communication, the customer decided to accept our proposal, then sent a 5000m contract orders. At present, the production of these fire retardant fabrics is nearing completion. Before long, customers will receive our goods. I believe that our professional recommendation and the quality of fire retardant fabric will make customers satisfied, and we are also looking forward to be able to establish long-term cooperation with customers.

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