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Embrace The Blue Sea and Clear Sky

2017-08-10 10:21 | writer: admin

It would be so pleased and comfortable if you can go to the seaside and feel the sea breeze, eat the most fresh seafood, soak in the cool clean sea water and go with the wave.
Just last week, all the employees from Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd had a high temperature holiday. Last year, we together go to the mountains and enjoy the birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers, we played in the stream among the valley. And this year, we together came to the seaside and embrace the blue sea and sky.
Even after nine-hour drive we all are a little tired, but in the moment we saw the sea, all the tiredness gone. Some people say that the sea is magic, it will make a steady adult to be like a children and make a melancholy people to open their hearts, make lively and cheerful person become more imaginative, lovely. This time I really believe, Mater Li who worked in the workshop often frown thinking just like a child and smile; the shy girl WenNa is now more open and lovely.
The whole day, everyone’s mood will be change along with the views of the sea. The sunrise in the morning, red sea that shined by the early sunshine and the waves gently lapping the shore which all make us much quitet. Going back to the hotel and put on the bathing suits,  revealing our own imaginative side, we run toward the sea, clamor, laughing, running and jumping. In the night, everyone seems more bold and unconstraint, we eat seafood, drink beer and sing at the seaside food stall. We keep playing and return to hotel until midnight.
We spent a very happy three-day seaside holiday, with dismay and memorable we returned to our jobs, but please do not worry, our little friends in Xinxiang yulong Textile Co., Ltd. are professional, everyone concentrate on the working as soon as we come back.

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