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7.0 Magnitude Struck Jiuzhaigou, China, Yulong Textile Prayed for The People of Disaster Areas

2017-08-19 10:38 | writer: admin

7.0 Magnitude Struck JIuzhaigou, China, Yulong Textile Prayed for The People of Disaster Areas
At 21:19 pm on 8th  August, Jiuzhaigou, Aba prefecture of sichuan province, China, occurred 7.0 magnitude, 25 persons dead, 493 persons injured. 10 minutes after the earthquake , we Yulong Textile knew this disaster. We are always concerned about the Jiuzhaigou rescue situation these days.
This earthquake reminds us about Wenchuan earthquake nice years ago, still in Sichuan, a major earthquake, after the last disaster, this time earthquake relief is more timely and effective. Disaster also taught us calm and growth at same time bring us sorrow. At present, a large number of relief supplies have arrived in Jiuzhaigou earthquake disaster areas, people in disaster areas have also received tents. Already transferred tourists and migrant workers more than 61500 people, temporary resettlement 23477 people.
After the disaster, the Jiuzhaigou scenic area was ruined, one of the famous attractions of the spark sea damaged very serious, the former sparkling spark water is basically bottomed out. The largest waterfall in Jiuzhaigou - Nuorilang Falls also occurred in the earthquake, the clear water below the waterfall turned into mud.
The entire staff of Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co. Ltd prayed for the people of disaster areas, hope the people of disaster areas can settle down as soon as possible and the rescue work will end soon, hope God bless China!

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