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Fire Accident Occurred in Islamabad "Sunday market" The use of Fire Retardant Fabric is Urgent

2017-08-26 17:58 | writer: admin

Fire Accident occurred in Islamabad "Sunday market"
According to Pakistani local officials, the capital-Islamabad a fire on the market on August 23. the market called "Sunday market", located in Islamabad downtown, the market has more than 2,000 shops,doing business every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. This fire burned more than 1,000 shops, fire department put out the fire by three hours.
Some time ago the Pakistani tanker explosion fire events, Dubai apartment building fire events, as well as domestic Changshu, Guangzhou and other events, but also should cause people and the country's attention. Should contain the fire in the cradle, to prevent in the first place. At this time, the emergence of fire retardant fabric, will undoubtedly reduce the occurrence of fire, with fire retardant fabric production of fire retardant protective clothing, can delay the spread of the fire, to the staff sufficient escape time, reduce casualties.
Yu Long Textile is committed to the development of fire retardant fabric has been 15 years, the fire retardant performance through the European countries, the fire retardant standards. Yu Long Textile has a professional R & D team, can be added on the basis of flame retardant and other functions, such as fire retardant anti-static fabrics, fire retardant fluorescent fabrics, fire retardant anti-arc fabric, fire retardant waterproof fabrics and so on. Yu Long Textile in this reminder: fire retardant fabric should also be applied to daily life, reduce casualties, reduce unnecessary losses

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