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You Protect The City, We Protect You From The Bad Weather

2017-08-31 17:33 | writer: admin

You Protect The City, We Protect You From The Bad Weather
Early autumn morning the streets spotless, cool breeze stroke, the summer heat is a little bit of receding. When we are enjoying the cool autumn wind, whether anyone care about why our city is always so clean and tidy?
Yes, this is a group of ordinary, we are always visible but often ignore the lovely and respectable people, they are the city's beautician, and they created the eyes clean streets, relaxed environment.
Take good care of the environment and respect for each pay the labor of the people, is a symbol for a civilized society. Talk in this respect is not condescending to soothe, nor anodyne of praise. And should be understanding, compassionate, and help the truth, is a kind of from the heart and sincere concern and love, Xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD. is doing like this.
A rain of a cold, early autumn is finally back, before the end of the rainy season rainy season, a series of shower for our travel a lot of inconvenience, but our lovely sanitation workers still hold on his post. On August 26, 2017, Xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD. Staff to a line of sympathy sanitation workers, as they sent a raincoat, towels, rain gear, etc. Although we can't to help them solve many problems, but a little bit of mind hope we can bring them a warm, give them a sense of security.
"You work in earnest, we come to protect your security" has always been our work idea Xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD., we not only to produce safe and reliable protection products, but also to the laborer the real demand, do "want to customer thought, the anxious customer anxious," "to become the world first-class green security experts, contribute to the beauty of human life".

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