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Safe Production Inspection, Prevention First

2017-09-14 17:42 | writer: admin

safe production inspection
At 5:00 on August 26, Italy Prato a garment factory occurred a fire, there are large amount of clothing fabrics stocked in the factory at that time and security doors were locked, resulting in only some people to escape. The accident caused a major loss.
With the larger wind in autumn, with the use of fire, electricity, gas increased, once the flames are very easy to spread, so the fall is often a high incidence of fire. The relevant government departments in Italy have paid great attention to the fire in the Prato garment factory and have carried out safety checks in the towns of the province of Prato.
Safety production inspection is one of the important measures of factory safety work. Through inspection, we can timely discover the hidden dangers of accidents in production, make timely adjustments, eliminate hidden dangers and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. is a factory that proceed the production of flame-retardant fabrics, fluorescent fabrics and multi-functional fabrics and protective clothing business, our fabric factory and garment factory has a number of advanced equipment production lines, each production line are strictly in accordance with the testing standards. The factory will conduct regular safety checks, mainly to check the factory environment, the use of protective equipment within the factory, the daily maintenance of production equipment, equipment, safe operation, fire facilities and safety channels and so on. Security problems are often overlooked by people, but to be safe, must be the main prevention.

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