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Yulong Textile are Ready to Exhibition Preparations for The 122nd Canton Fair

2017-10-31 17:37 | writer: admin

Yulong textile are ready to exhibition preparations for the 122nd Canton fair
On October 31th,2017, the third phase of the Autumn Canton Fair is going on fiery. We Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., LTD.has been preparing for many days,it's also a day to officially meet with everyone.
First, we prepared many gifts for our customers. In the design of the booth, we prepared in the booth ready to place big eye-catching posters, let the customer in the far distance can also be noticed. Yulong textile design philosophy is simple, environmental protection and color coordination, it also can be very good highlights the characteristics of our products.
Next is the leading character in the booth, our sample, yulong textile for customer samples are: flame retardant fabric, fluorescent material, anti-static fabrics, functional fabrics such as water &oil repellent fabric, and flame retardant clothes, fluorescence Siamese clothing such as suits, anti-static clothing, body suits, overalls and other functions, and protective clothing style.
If the above samples to study, the following and we are ready for more intuitive fabrics, product brochures and product contributes presents small video, detailed introduces the inside of each of our fabrics and clothing color and design, our factory situation, such as more detailed content, convenient after the Canton fair you can study slowly. If the sample is not convenient to carry, and we are caring for yulong textile specially designed environmental protection bags.
During the exhibition, do you have any not understand point, can consulting our professional clerk at any time, of course, after the show, you can still keep in touch with our salesman, we also welcome you at any time consulting us any professional problem.
Our time: October 31 - on November 4, the booth number: 1.1 N23, yulong textile is looking forward to your visit!

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