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Multifunctional Fabric--Three Proof Fabric

2017-11-21 17:50 | writer: admin

three proof fabric
With the increasing demand for clothing, in addition to comfort of clothing, will demand more with anti oil, waterproof, anti fouling function, especially in petroleum, chemical, mining, gas station, chef wear, repair and other industries often contact oil, water stains, and three fabrics came into being the.
What are three proofing fabrics? Three proofing fabric refers to the ordinary fabric after using Dupont's Teflon auxiliary processing processing fabric, has excellent waterproof, oil, antifouling function, commonly known as "three proofing"". Compared with ordinary fabric, the fabric has more beautiful appearance quality, but also like lotus leaf has excellent anti oil, water splashing, anti stain effect, can effectively prevent oil, water, stains penetrate into the fiber layer, so as to keep the fabric dry and clean for a long time.
Study on the Yulong textile has committed to the special protective fabrics and clothing, the main products are fluorescent fabric, flame retardant fabric, antistatic fabric, functional fabric and flame retardant clothing, fluorescent clothing protective clothing. Yulong textile adhere to the production of high quality environmental protection products. Every year in the new product development direction will cast a lot of money, a number of existing equipment with advanced functional fabrics production line, with R & D lab and Testing Center for the quality improvement, in the production of fabric and garment, strict control of every detail, make the finished products will be tested before put to use.

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