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Flame Retardant Fabric——Opponent of Fire

2018-03-09 17:15 | writer: admin

Winter temperatures gradually dropped, people started to use heating tools, there are many due to improper use of the fire. Because of this, flame retardant fabric as a new product that can reduce the harm of fire to human beings has been sought after by people.
Recently, a couple living in a residential building in Guilin, Guangxi, home fire, the fire may be due to the use of the heater did not unplug the plug, as a result of socket short circuit, which fortunately did not hurt the couple, even picked up the fire extinguisher each other camera self-deprecating. So, how do flame retardant fabric reduce the harm of fire?
First of all, there must be a place of flame retardant fabric, flame retardant fabric as a functional fabric, mainly to protect human safety, play a role in security. The composition of flame retardant fabric can make a lot of different types of fabrics, so the flame retardant properties are also closely related with the fabric. The flame-retardant effect will be different because of different materials even with the same flame retardant fabric.
Secondly, the flame retardant fabric is not non-flammable, it is after a special process, you can stop the spread of the flame, extend the ignition time, flame retardant fabric will be extinguished in a certain period of time, to the fire rescue work for time.
Xinxiang Yu Long Textile Co., Ltd. focus on the production of flame retardant fabric has more than 15 years of experience, set up a test equipment in Europe and the United States synchronized with the flame retardant fabric research and testing laboratories, Yulong Textile can produce flame retardant fabric with different specifications according to customer requirements.
a couple living in a residential building home fire, flame retardant fabric

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