flame retardant workwear using notes

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I. Description
Xinxiang yulong  Textile Co., Ltd. Produce 100% cotton flame retardant workwear for general industrial and thermal protection. In the fire happened or when clothes are on fire, required to leave as soon as fire or heat, shaking clothes and clothes off as soon as possible. Retardant properties of flame retardant workwear is the result of a series of chemical treatments adhered to the fibers, so they need special attention when cleaning to keep flame protective properties as long as possible. And before we use it should be clear, there are a lot of fire-retardant coveralls not apply occasions, such as fire fighting, splatter, harmful rays and light industry, a large number of welding fly, high temperatures, chemical splash and corrosion ect.
Second, the washing and drying Notes
1, the new fire-retardant uniforms use for the first time before  need to wash before use.
2, water temperature should be controlled by 60ºC or less, do not use boiling water. Under the premise of guaranteed clean, try to use a relatively low temperature, control shrinkage of clothes, flame-retardant clothing to prevent shrinking.
3, when wash the flame-retardant clothing should use supermarket household synthetic detergent, washing powder biosynthesis, PH value is preferably neutral. Avoid using strong oxidants such as bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite bleach product, avoid using fabric softener, these chemicals may diminish flame retardant quality of clothing.
4. Avoid using soap and soap powder.
Another point to note, flame retardant overalls finish after washing shall avoid direct sun exposure, we can take the natural drying or drying machine and drying temperature must be below 70 ℃, when the clothes have been dried or still a little damp immediately Remove clothes from the dryer, in order to avoid excessive contraction of clothes. If you need ironing, clothes still a little moist in the case of ironing as well. Flame Retardant cotton coveralls we can use dry cleaning, general commercial dry cleaners that will not affect its flame retardant properties.

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