Why so difficult for flame retardant treatment to CVC fabric

2015-07-02 14:49 | writer: admin

(1)Because cotton is one non-melting and un-shrinkable but flammable fiber material, when Polyester /cotton (abbreviated to“ CVC ”below) product burned , then cotton fiber carbonized, to Polyester which acted as a cover to a candle core, thereby to separate flame sources from melting  Polyester.
(2) Polyester and cotton these two compound substance or their decomposition substance reacted thermal induction , speeded up to make decomposition substance spilled out, so the speed of  burning for CVC cloth is more quicker than pure Polyester or pure cotton;
(3)during burning, THPC will move around in the Polyester and cotton , therefore, this becomes difficult to separate CVC cloth from burning.
(4)while polyester and cotton blended cloth getting heated, the heated and melting polyester will cover on the surface of polyester fiber, however polyester fiber and decomposited carbon will form a frame, to prevent the shrinkage of cloth , so that melted polyester became to one fuel in the fire area , to make the cloth burned more fiercely.
To reduce the flammability of CVC cloth , it should complete several step below:
(1)every component of blended cloth should do the flammability; 
(2)when blended cloth doing flame retardant treatment , adopt each suitable THPC, which will be better complemented or non-interfered each other;
(3)eliminate frame effect and interference effect of two component 
Not only solid and durable ,but also meet the requirement of flame retardant performance, CVC flame retardant fabric is top option, which is made of blending more than 60% up cotton fiber , and less than 40% polyester fiber. Adopt good quality from cotton fiber and polyester fiber .Xinxiang Yulong Textile co., produced CVC fireproof fabric has good strength and better flame retardant performance.

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