Do you know fr finishing method of 100% cotton?

2015-07-03 10:44 | writer: admin

100% cotton durable fr finishing mainly has three method:
A.Proban/Ammonia cure,Proban is produced by England Wilson company, traditional Proban is flame resistant agent pad-dry technique, proved method is Proban/Ammonia cure, technological process is:Pad fr finishing→Drying→Ammonia cure→Oxidation→Washing→Drying. This is recognized technology of good fr effect, high strength.
B.Pyrovatex CP. Good fr performance, good durability, can be washed 50 times,even more than 200 times, good hand feel, but strength is not very good, there is about 20,30 factories use this fr agent.
C.100% cotton temporary, semi-durable fr finishing-- washing time request of blanket,wall covering,sofa,etc fabrics are not very good, these product only need temporary or semi-durable fr finishing is ok.that means it can be wash by warm about 1-15 time, but not soap.main progress:Borax-Boric acid, Ammonium phosphate,Ifosfamide,Dicyandiamide.The above technologies is rarely use in industrial production of 100% cotton fabric.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co.,Ltd,produced 100% cotton fr durable fr fabric,mainly use Proban and Pyrovatex CP finishing.

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