The Comparison of 100% Cotton Fabric with Poly Cotton Fabric

2015-07-04 10:17 | writer: admin

100% cotton fabric is the textile that use cotton as a raw material through weaving machine, composed of weft yarn and warp yarn interweave. The feature of pure cotton fabric is as following:
① Moisture absorption , cotton fiber has good moisture absorption, so when it on the skin, the people feel more softer.
② Moisture retention, because cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, and itself has the advantage of high porosity and elastic, can stock a large number of air between the fibers.
③ Heat resistance, pure cotton textile has good heat resistance feature, under 110℃ will only cause water evaporation, not damage the fiber.
④ Alkali resistance, cotton fiber has good alkali resistance feature, this feature is beneficial to clean the stain and impurity.
⑤ More health, cotton is natural fiber, its main composition is cellulose, and small quantity of waxy substance and nitrogen material and pectic substances.

Polyester cotton fabric is the general name of polyester cotton blended textile.
The advantages of polyester cotton fabric is as below, good elastic and abrasion both under dry and wet condition, stable dimension, small shrinkage, not easy to fold, easy to wash, fast drying.
The disadvantages is as below, the polyester has strong attract to oil stain, easy to absorb the oil and stain, and in wearing easy to cause static and absorb the dust, difficult to wash, and the polyester fiber can’t hot iron and soak in hot water. The polyester cotton fiber is synthetic fiber, can’t degrade.

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