What Standards of Anti-static Workwear in China and Global?

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The anti-static workwear can protect the accumulation of static electricity, which is sewed from anti-static fabric. The Chinese standard is GB 12014 -2009 and the EN standard is EN 1149. 
I. The Chinese standard GB 12014-2009
1. The standard is used to the anti-static workwear wear in the place may cause electric shock, fire and explosion and other danger area and not suitable for resistance the supply voltage.  
2. The anti-static fabric is blended by the normal fiber and the conductive fiber or embedded the conductive filament. The conductive filament is usually blended by the poly filament and the conductive fiber. 
3.  The anti-static function is mainly test the electric resistance between point to point.  
II. The EN standard BS EN 1149
1. The EN 1149 is issued by the committee of European standardization, which is the series test method and require on anti-static property of protective clothing. 
2. The EN anti static protective test method contains 4parts and the main test items are the anti-static property and have not involve other property. The BS EN 1149-1 is the test method for the static dissipation based on the surface electric resistance. It is the short distance, so not suitable for the whole clothing assessment. BS EN 1149-2 is the test method for the electric static of materials. BS EN 1149-3 test for the half-value of the static. BS EN 1149-5 regulate the requires for anti static property and the model design of the workwear. 
3. The test items of  BS EN 1149 are more than Chinese standard GB 12014.
4. Since the standard of anti-static clothing requires the anti-static property, not the flame retardant property. So until now, the anti static fiber are mainly normal anti-static fiber and the embedded the conductive filament. 

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