Do you know the arc proof standard NFPA70E?

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NFPA70E: Standard for Electrical Safety in the workplace  2000 Edition.
NFPA 70E describes the electrical hazards thread in the workplace. NFPA70E have required that the employers have to show the easy-happening electric contact level with file specification when workers work in breakdown protection within the boundaries.
NFPA:  According to the distance between the staff’s face and chest whom working in the special work and the potential arc source to define the electric contact level with law. The workers use fire protective clothing and personal protective equipment, according to the specific work easy-happening electric contact level, need to wear enough degree of protection equipment.
The work involved in 70E
Installation conductive material, and other electrical equipment on industrial substation, resident or commercial buildings
Connection Equipment and power supply
Install other outdoor conductive material
Category:  NFPA 70E requirement
Move and visibility:  When workers wear fireproof, flame retardant or other treated protective clothing,  protective clothing should be covering all flammable clothing, the wearer can move, visibility is good.
Body protection:   All the workers should wear flame retardant protective clothing who works in any place that may exposure to the arc flame.
These protective clothing can be made for the shirt and pants, coverall, jumpsuit or overalls, protective clothing and jackets, which makes to achieve the greatest degree of protection.
Outer layer:  The FR clothing outside clothing, ex, jacket, waterproof clothing also need to use flame retardant materials.
Lining layer:  Personal wear layer fabric (underwear) should be avoided to using melt synthetic fibers. Wearing in nonflammable and non melt in the arc and the associated hazards underlying clothing will provide additional protection.
Cover degree:  Protective clothing should be as full as covered in potentially parts.
Care and Maintenance:  All personal protective equipment should be maintained in the health and credible conditions.
Personal protective equipment and personal protective equipment used as protection system 
Strata:  As an added layer of protection hierarchy system can use FR and natural fiber clothing.
Typical hierarchy system:  including one T shirt, shirt, pants and coverall.
Specified work can be used in special protection equipments.

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