NFPA2112 Flame Retardant Standard Detail Annotation

2015-07-08 09:48 | writer: admin

NFPA2112 is industry fire proof protective clothing stardard, is the experiencial basis of future law about flame retardant protective clothing .
It comprehensively elaborated industry flame retardant protective clothing’s requires about thermal protection ,include a series of thermal protective propriety test:
(1) Vertical combustion performance test。Exposed the material to standard flame for 12S, withdraw the material,check if the fabric is ingnited,or flame retardant carbon length.
(2) flame retardant stability test,same as NFPA 1975 stardard , 500 °F oven test.
(3) Thermal radiation and heat convection mixing action protection performance test, referred to as TPP method.this method of testing is a put a 6 square inches of fabric under the total energy density of 2 cal / (cm2 • s) of heat convection and radiant heat source, and then record the time to reach the required second degree burns, TPP value is the time to take in cal / cal / (cm2 • s) values.the higher the TPP value, the fabric provides protection stronger.
Different from vertical burning test, TPP test can tell us simulate human skin to reach the required number of second degree burns to absorb energy through a variety of different fabrics, which means the higher the TPP value, the cloth to be exposed to high temperatures and under high heat flame the better protection of the body, the unit value of the TPP is the most direct expression of the thermal protective performance.
(4) Thermal mannequin test. The test is so that the body contains 122 temperature tester 6 inches tall mannequin wearing fire suits, and exposed to propane flamethrower set of 12 synthetic 2 cal / cm2 • s source, the computer according to the 122 data collected by a temperature tester to simulate the secondary and tertiary degree burns and skin parts of the body may be subjected. It is today the world's most advanced life-size thermal burn the same evaluation system. In order to further simulate the actual flame degree burns the body, used to test the set of clothes in a simulated real fire situation, the degree of protection offered by clothes. By this test, we can predict the body may reach secondary or tertiary degree burns, the lower the body burns , the greater the chance of survival.

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