Relative standard for Flame resistant fabric –UL standard

2015-07-09 14:50 | writer: admin

UL is the abbreviation of English Underwriter Laboratories Inc. UL safety Laboratories Inc. is one non-government institution, which is most authoritative, and also biggest world safety examination and identification in American. It is one professional institution of independent、profitless /experiment for public safety.
It use scientific test method for studying and making sure all kinds of material / instrument / product/equipment /construction such for whether harmful or harmful extent for life and possessions ; confirm、compose、publish relative standard and it’s useful to decrease and prevent the file of the loss for life and possessions, meanwhile to start actuality investigation business.  
In a word, it mainly deal with the safety identification and manage safety identification business, which final purpose is to get the products with relative safety level for market, devote for healthy life and property safety. Regarding to product safety identification acting as the good method of eliminating international trade skill bulwark ,,UL also act the positive effect to promoting international trade development .
UL94 standard is 94th experiment standard of American underwriter insurer laboratory. The test method is as below: make the plastic piece of sectional area 1.27*0.32cm & 12.7cm length being standing up circumstance, on the place of down-ended 0.96cm,using lamp lighting , move off the lamp after 10 seconds touching the flame , outfire in 5 sec. , it is V-0 class, in 5-25 sec.,it is V-1 class. Put etamine on the down-ended 30cm of plastic piece, it is V-2 class if the melting drop fired it.

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