Related Standards of FR Fabric-GB standards

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1.GB2408-80 horizontal burning test method
Horizontal burning test method is to test the sample self-supporting combustion performance levels under laboratory conditions.
2.GB2409-84 vertical burning test
Vertical burning test is, under specified conditions, the sample was placed vertically with a certain standard of conduct applying to flame after a method of classification.
3.GB2406-80 oxygen index test method
Oxygen Index (OI) - refers to when plastic is burning, the minimum oxygen content of the required gas mixture. The average concentration of oxygen in the air is 21%. Usually oxygen index of 21 or less is flammable plastics, 22-27 is self-extinguishing plastic, 27 or more is flame-resistant plastic. The method is relatively simple, digital good reproduction, having a digital representation of material combustion performance characteristics, so it is widely used in abroad, (such as the US oxygen index test standards ANST / ASTM D2863-1977). This method is not only applicable to a self-supporting material, but also on film, foam,etc.
4.GB8323-87 smoke density test methods
This test method is under specified test conditions,DS produced by when test material in radiation or burning, DS is a specified chamber volume, the optical path length, and test area measured transmittance ratio DS value, The maximum optical density values are used to denote the optical density of the material.

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