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ISO is short for "INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION for STANDARDIZATION", was founded in Feb of 1947, its head office is in Geneva, Switzerland, till now ISO has worked out more than 8,000 standards, of which “ISO9000 series” is international standard of quality management and quality assurance system, it was developed from the American Quality Assurance Standard of 1959 year, issued in 1987 year.
ISO-9000 is a series worldwide standards of quality management and quality assurance that issued by International Organization for Standardization, and now has been adopted by more than 90 countries. ISO-9000 standard is issued mainly for promote the international trade, it is a recognition for the quality of the seller and the buyer, is the cornerstone of building the trust in the trade.
It is well known that the requirements of performance index for products has many Internal standards and National standards, but these also are not able to completely meet the customer's requirements. The clients hope that not only inspection qualified, but also believable in the whole production and use process, ISO-9000 standard system requests that during design/ production/ use process, not only to people, but also to machine/ method/ document all series of work, all have specific requirements, through workmanship to ensure the product’s quality, reduce the defects furthest. There are three standards related quality assurance system in the ISO-9000 standards, ISO-9001, ISO-9002, ISO-9003.

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