Do you know the character of the proban finished flame retardant fabric

2015-07-15 17:23 | writer: admin

The chemical of proban production treatment is the after flame retardant finished chemical, which is used for the cotton fiber and the cotton blended fiber. The character is the chemical formed the permanent crosslinking in the fabric and make them have the permanent fire proof property and can be washed more than 50 times. This kind of fabric can be flame retardant and can also keep the original property of the fabric. The flame retardant uniform made of flame retardant fabric is washable, non poisonous, no smell, no stimulation and be safe to body, breathable, soft, suitable. And the property can pass the EN 11612( EN 531), EN 11611( EN 470-1), EN 533, 16CFR, NFPA 2112, ASTM and other standard issued by the MTL, TUV, SGS, etc. 
The flame retardant property of the proban flame retardant fabric is very outstanding, it is only carbonization when burning and don’t bore a hole, shrink, fusion and drop out. When testing the proban workwear and the 100% cotton workwear with 15s flame, when flame move away, the proban fabric stop fire, but the normal fabric still burn and after 2 min, the fabric totally burn down. This is just a test, when in the actual situation, the normal workwear will cause serious damage to the wearer. 
Another test is put on the iron(210℃) on the proban fabric with 10 min, the fabric without fusion and out of shape. 
The proban flame retardant fabric not only with good flame retardant property, but also can breathable, comfortable, soft, and sweat uptaking, which make the fabric is suitable for the flame retardant protective clothing and daily workwear for the metallurgy, machinery, chemical, firefighting and other industry.  

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