What Harmful Effects of Excessive Formaldehyde in Textile?

2015-07-14 15:00 | writer: admin

The function of formaldehyde in textile is created a cross-linking agent with synthetic resin, will formed one layer of protection on the sample, which have iron proof, shrink-proof, wrinkle-free, soil release and other functions. However, excessive formaldehyde is harm to human health. Formaldehyde have a strong stimulating effect to skin and eyes mucous membranes, if there is much more formaldehyde content in textiles, the formaldehyde will release with the process of wearing, through the skin and the respiratory tract to hurt human, it is especially to stimulate the infant's skin and the respiratory tract. When children wearing excessive formaldehyde clothing, the symptoms are mild tears, cough, contact dermatitis, fingers and nails sore, in the most severe cases, will feels insomnia, dizziness, headache and so on. Long time wearing formaldehyde content clothing, inhalation low formaldehyde content also can cause chronic respiratory disease, conjunctivitis, sphagitis, asthma, bronchitis, even cancer.
Following are the GB18401 National Fundamental Safety Technical Standard For Textiles requirement about formaldehyde content limited:
Products for babies(A): formaldehyde content 20mg/kg;
Products with direct contact to skin(B): formaldehyde content75mg/kg
Products without direct contact to skin(c): formaldehyde content300mg/kg
Consumer guide:
1) When purchasing textile clothing, pls choose regular commercial enterprise clothing, and pay attention to the logo content to make sure of satisfactory goods.
2) Washing the new clothing before wearing, which will makes lower the power of hydrogen and color fade effect to human body.
3) When buying textile clothing, pls choose light color clothing, dark color clothing is easy to fade. For dark color product, we can use white color fabric to rub it, do not buy it once color fade, it is rejected product.
4) Asking the formal institutions text report from the sellers when buying thing, you cannot buy it without text report.
5) Especially buying iron-free garment and printing coating garment, it is better to ask if the garment have the fishily smell or peculiar smell, if have, do not buy it.

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