What is FR fabric?

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FR fabric
Burning of fiber is essentially fiber thermal decomposition flammable substances and reacts violently with oxygen in the process, the reaction of the continuous loop, flammable substances, oxygen and heat outside the three basic elements of combustion, FR is to try to reduce the production of combustible materials. There are two kinds of FR technology, one is to accelerate the dehydration carbonized fiber to reduce combustible material and reaches FR; another is a change in the internal structure of the fiber through chemical processes, reduce combustible components, to achieve the purpose of FR.
Characteristics and usage of  FR fabric
FR fiber make the speed of the fiber much slower, it can immediately self-extinguish after the fire source is removed, and it is rapid carbonize without creating melt dripping or piercing,it make people have enough time to evacuate the site or take off burning clothing, reduce or avoid burn or scald, achieve the aim of protect. This form of flame retardant technology protection, make fires can not spread and disappear, and this has important implications for reducing the fire to avoid burns and damage, and it is widely used in industrialized countries.
The main purposes: 1.industrial FR protective work-wear (for petroleum, petrochemical and chemical industries); 2.fire fighting clothing, command clothing; 3, anti-arc clothing; 4, spacesuit; 5, racing suits.
Fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co.,Ltd, can be automatically extinguished within 2S, and can be washes by 100 times or more.

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