What is Cotton/Nylon flame retardant fabric?

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Cotton/Nylon flame retardant fabric is the cotton nylon blended fabric treated by PROBAN FR finishing.
The requirements to the greige cloth
Generally the content of Nylon fiber should be less than 20%, the C/N flame retardant fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd is 88% cotton fiber+12% nylon fiber.
The melting points of polyamide fiber is 215℃, the decomposition temperature is 315℃, the ignition point is 530℃, as the difference of the melting point and ignition point of it is very big, so when burn, it is easy to have molten drops, but when leave the fire, it won’t be burn. So the nylon fiber is credited with self-extinguishing.
The requirements to the FR chemical
The effect of the FR chemical contains nitrogen and phosphorus is very good used in polyester and cotton fabric, but not very good used in nylon fabric. The FR chemical likes chloride or bromide also has less FR effect to cotton/nylon fiber, in real production, we usually use Proban finishing, the two are all FR chemical with phosphorus.
The feature of Cotton nylon flame retardant fabric
The C/N FR fabric produced by Yulong Textile, its mainly feature is have permanent flame retardant function, good washable, no toxic and no smell, safety to human body, breathable, soft hand feeling, good abrasion feature, good tear and tensile strength, comfortable to wear. It not only anti fire, but also keep the original feature of fabric. The protective clothing made from this fabric have good flame retardant function, and prevent spark and molten drops, its ATPV value more higher, the heat protection more better, it’s the high grade choice in FR fabrics. The FR chemical is a permanent treated FR finishing used for cotton fiber and blended weave fabric.
The C/N flame retardant fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd can be meet EN470-1、EN11611、EN11612、EN531、EN533、BS5852、NFPA2112、NFPA、ASTM and GB8965-98 etc. standards.

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