What functions does the fire retardant fabric have?

2015-07-21 09:26 | writer: admin

A, Flame retardant do not equal no burning, it just prolong the ignition time, the material will catch fire after 20-30 seconds once reach ignition point, which can buy time to off the clothing and  reduce the injury of burn
B, No delay burning, under high temperature, this fire retardant function is ineffective once exceed the fire retardant time or temperature,
C, No continue burning, but have to see the fire condition and environment. If there is enough oxygen in the fire, and the rest temperature too high, the continue burning still exist.
D , All the fabrics can do fire retardant treatment, the fire retardant function is closely associated with the fabric physical and chemical properties, different fabric use different fire retardant, which result in different fire retardant function, pls pay attention to this point.
E, The fire goes out once leave the fire, it is subject to the fire temperature, the airflow, and the time under this high temperature. When the fire retardant function exceed its extremity or time, the fire retardant fabric will lose the fire retardant function, similar to the normal fabric.
They are the conditions for the civil/commercial flame retardation. For special purpose, such as fireman, fire freighting equipment, military equipment, special industry equipment and so on, the fabric material or fire retardant level will be higher than the civil fire retardant fabric.

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