What's the Character for Proban Anti-flaming Treatment & CP Anti-flaming Treatment?

2015-07-23 10:15 | writer: admin

Proban anti-flaming fabric adopts the craft of PROBAN, which is famous on the international. This anti-flaming method has great washing durable performance, non-toxic, non-smell and no stimulation, air and water permeability , suitable wearing . it’s eco friendly performance passed TESTEX certificate , and meet the OEKO-TEX STANTDARD 100 requirement. It’s anti-flaming performance and heat barrier property passed EN 11611(EN470-1)、EN11612(EN531)、ASTMD6413、NFPA2112、BS5852、ASTMF1506 test under the authority of SGS、TUV、BTTG.
PROBAN: the theory is using polyphosphoric acid and special finishing craft to process cotton fabric, make fabric carbonized quickly faced the heat, comes out the isolated layer, the fabric will stop burning immediately, up to self-extinguish, so that it has anti-flaming property via shorten the time of after flame and smolder. The fabric being treated by anti-flaming process has the great wash durable performance, if kept in good condition, the clothing using time is longer with the anti-flaming property, generally, washing 50 times the anti-flaming index is still kept in the standard index.
Advantage: great anti-flaming property, low strength damage( below 10%), non-smell, lower cost. 
Disadvantage: formaldehyde content>100ppm, Proban processed fabric touched not softer than CP processing, after flaming fabric changed a lot on color.
PYPOVATEX CP: HUNTSMAN’s brand Pyrovatex CP New pure cotton process skill , which is Switzerland ciba fine chemical company ‘s patent. The theory is using anti-flaming chemical acids of having Pyrovatex CP New patent and its process skill to treat the cotton fabric, largely shorten the time of after flame and smolder, up to self-extinguish, so that having the anti-flaming property. The fabric treated by Pyrovatex CP New anti-flaming process, which having great washable performance, generally, washing 50 times the anti-flaming index is still kept in the standard index. Besides, Pyrovatex CP New processed fabric touched soft , non-smell ,and also can reach Oeko-Tex Standard 100 eco-friendly standard, it’s green anti-flaming product, non-toxic to human body . the technology also reached the mix function, having the property of oil-water proof and anti-crease or other function together, produce multi-functional flame retardant fabric.
Advantage: great anti-flaming property, formaldehyde content≤80ppm,meet the eco-friendly requirement, touched softer, after flaming process effect color fastness little on original cloth.
Disadvantage: more strength damage(15-20%), more cost relatively. 

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