What are the Requirements for FR Protective Clothing?

2015-07-23 10:07 | writer: admin

FR clothing refers to the protective clothing that after contact with the flame and hot objects, can prevent itself being lit, flaming and smoldering . Product quality should meet GB8965.1-2009 "protective clothing FR protective _ _ Part 1: fire-retardant clothing" standards.
Retardant protective clothing shall meet the following requirements:
1, Comfortable, convenient, conducive to human activities.
2, The coat pocket should with flap to prevent splattering molten metal or other contaminants into the bag.
3, Can be left vent hole at the coat, function is for air circulation, perspiration, regulating body temperature. But the pore shall not affect the structure strength and cannot make outside invader into clothing inside.
4, When the temperature is 60 ℃, choose the general synthetic detergent, 15 minutes per time, and after washed 50 times, the flame retardant should meet the requirements. If it is found in the experiment of melting the fabric shrinkage is unqualified.
5, The joint bonded or stitched strength of fire-retardant protective clothing: should be more than 29.4N.

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