What are the Characteristics of the Aramid Flame Retardant Fabric?

2015-07-25 10:26 | writer: admin

The aramid fiber is the permanent flame retardant fiber, which is heat proof, high strength, high wear resistance, soft, low shrinkage, stable chemical structure, burning without drop, no poisonous and other adventure. 
The aramid fabric have good stability of size. The hot shrinkage is only 1% under 250℃. The fiber softening temperature is 373℃. And more than 400℃, the fiber begin to dissociate and at the same time the fabric become thick and the fiber expansion. And the fabric can isolated the heat transfer without dehiscence.
For different staining method, the fabric have different performance:
1. Fiber dyed: dyed before weaving, never fade. 
2. Fabric dyed: dyed after weaving, the color fastness, the standard of dry and wet rubbing is more than 3.
Added the anti-static fiber and we can also treated with water oil repellent finish. And then sewing to the garment, the function is as bellow, 
1. Permanent flame retardant, and the LOI is more than 28
2. Permanent anti-static 
3. Permanent anti-acid alkali 
4. High strength, wear proof, high tear resistance
5. No drop when burning, no poisonous gas
6. When burning, the cloth become thick, enhance the leakproofness and don’t break out. 

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