What are The Classifications of Fire Retardant Textile?

2015-07-27 10:28 | writer: admin

FR textiles can be divided into non-flame fiber, flame retardant fiber, combustible fiber and burn easily fibers.
non-flame fiber( fire cannot lit)-- LOI value was over 35, glass fiber, metal fiber, asbestos fiber, carbon fiber:
flame retardant fiber(fire can lit it, but will be extinguished without fire) --LOI value was over 35, chloro fiber, aramid fiber, modacrylic fiber.:
combustible fiber(fire can lit it, continued fire without fire)-- LOI value was over 20, polyester, nylon, silk, wool;
burn easily fibers(burns rapidly, burns up without fire) -- LOI value was under 20, cotton, linen, viscose, acrylic, etc.
Limited oxygen index LOI: under the stated experimental conditions, the material can be maintained the combustion state needed the oxygen minimum concentration of oxygen-nitrogen mixture gas.
Testing method: placed a certain size sample on the sample holder, adjusting the ratio of oxygen and nitrogen, igniting the sample with a specific igniter, makes the sample self-extinguishing after burning the certain time(2 minutes), or certain damage length (40mm), under this condition, according to the oxygen /nitrogen flow to calculated the LOI. 

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