What matters should be pay attention to when using the protective supplies?

2015-07-31 15:37 | writer: admin

When we purchase the protective supplies, we should choose according to the protective requires and pay attention to the matters when using. In this way, the protective supplies play their function and have a long working life. We will introduce the matters should be pay attention to when using the protective supplies.
The matters as bellow:
1. When choosing, select the correct qualified products. You can not select the wrong one, in order to avoid the accident. 
2. To teach and train the staff and let them know the aim and meaning and use carefully. As for the complex products, such as the air respirator, it is better to repetition training to help the user can use it skillfully. And we should also check the air respirator and put them near the place, where the accident may happen. 
3. Proper maintain the protective supplies , which can prolong the service life and ensure the protective effect. Washing, sterilizing and dry the earplug, mask after use them. The filter materials of the purify respiratory protective device should be changed at fixed time to avoid invalid. The skin protective clothing should be concentrated washing. 
4. The protective device should be managed and maintained to ensure its function. 

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