What are the classifications of textile FR finishing?

2015-08-03 14:31 | writer: admin

Methods of fiber and textile FR finishing can approximately be divided into precursor fiber flame-retardant modification and Fr treatment.
First is precursor fiber flame-retardant modification, the flame retardant acrylic and polyester, adopt copolymerization process, the flame retardant gang together with the macromolecular chain, which makes durable FR performance. This copolymerization process is is suitable for polymer with no polar radical especially, for example, the polypropylene.
Second is the textile Fr treatment, can be classified into pdc process, net absorption method, organic solvent method, coating method and the spraying method. In the process of the cellulose fiber FR treatment, Pyrovatex CP, TH2PC, proban and Banf lam all belong to pdc process. The FR treatment for vinylon also adopts this method. Rarely adopt the organic solvent method, because there are some problems with security. Coating method will makes the textile harden, usually used for tarpaulin or decorative fabric. The polyester fabric can use net absorption method, there is not enough experience for combination fabric FR treatment, but in our country, the 87 FR poly/cotton FR fabric researched by quartermaster equipment institute have accumulated several yeas Industrial production experience, the performance excelled American Leb lanc company congeneric Products.
The textile burning is harmful reactions once achieves a certain extent, so the flame retardant intimately connected to heat proof. In addition, furnaceman workwear also need the radiant heat resistant function, fireman workear should have water poof function, petrochemical Jobs workwear shoud have anti-static function. The workers work in  a certain environment wotj safety workwear, which ask for the workwear has the function of safe application performance and environmental safety performance, In order to improve the effectiveness,  the workwear should have function performance and comfortable performance. Obviously, it is objective needed to make the FR textile more functions.

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