What is proban fireproof fabric technology?

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Proban FR technology is origin from England Auwil company(Aublet—Wilson company limited have 35 years experience for providing FR chemical product, lie in the top position on the world FR chemical field),the fabric treated with this technology touched soft, non-toxic and non-smell, less strength damage, good durability, mainly kept the comfortability and durability of original fabric, the product can reach the standard of most countries, Proban FR technology has already become the first choice for FR need.  
What is Proban?
Proban is one durability FR treatment using on the cellulosic fiber and its blended fabric, which main chemical content is THPC, the Proban technology using process is: padding—dry—ammonia—oxidation—water scrubbing.
Proban FR fabric ‘s durability
Proban FR treatment is water-soluble micromolecule at first, so it’s easy to immerge into the cellulosic fiber. Treated through ammonia, the proban micromolecule that immerge into the cellulosic fiber connected with water-fast high-polymer element, these high-polymer macromolecule therefore be stuck inside the fiber permanently.
After Proban treated, can accurately test P and N elemental content of the fabric to make sure how much FR treatment on the fabric.  P and N element descent range is large on the first several washing, this depends on how much Proban high-polymer being washed on the fabric surface, then on the subsequent washing, P and N data decreased little, these few descend comes about the fabric damage during washing, however the process of washing is not suitable using the washing powder containing soap powder, also need to avoid using Clorox decolorizer.
All in all, as long as following the washing attention, the fabric treated through Proban can keep the FR performance during effect using time.

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