Wearing or using PROBAN fabric is safe?

2015-08-05 18:03 | writer: admin

Since PROBAN invented 30 years,PROBAN fabric has been widely used in many fields,but still haven't found any instances of harm to the personal safety and health because of using  PROBAN flame retardant fabric .Since PROBAN invented,vast tests carried out proved that PROBAN fabric conforms the requirements of the society’s increasingly health care and safety .These tests proved that taking orally PROBAN polymer is the same harmless with common salt or sodium carbonate,and skin irritation research on volunteers also shows that wearing PROBAN fabric will not irritate the skin or appear skin allergic phenomenon.
When cotton fabric treated by PROBAN touching flame, it forms the insulating carbide layer and no frowsty smoke and smoldering.In the process,it may have strange smell.One test of British medical research center proved that the smoke toxicity in PROBAN fabric carbonization process is less than untreated cotton fabric,and the combustion production of PROBAN fabric is much less than untreated fabric.Because untreated fabric will be completely burned,but PROBAN fabric can reduce burning degree to produce little combustion production.   
The use of PROBAN flame retardant fabric
PROBAN flame retardant fabric used in these main fields:
1. Labor protective clothing,for example fireman fireproof clothing,bench worker,welder,electrician in steel plant,coal mine and oil worker clothing.
2. Bedding,curtain and sofa cloth etc.
3. Policeman uniform,military uniform and tent cloth.
4. Kids and patient clothing.

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