Do flame retardant fabrics have heat resistance?

2018-04-06 17:52 | writer: admin

A lot of customers are consulting flame retardant fabrics, often ask the question is your flame retardant fabrics have heat resistance?
Because there are many kinds of flame retardant fabrics, different functional flame retardants are used according to different industries.Some flame retardant fabrics are not heat-resistant.There are two kinds of flame retardant fabrics with heat resistant fabric, such as aramid flame retardant fabrics and acrylic flame retardant fabrics.These two flame-retardant fabrics are often used to work in high-temperature environments.In addition, acrylic flame retardant fabrics made of special proportion of textile have different degree of arc resistance.
So customers should try to understand their demands when they are consulting, for example, to make clear that the flame retardant fabric needed is mainly applied in the field.According to different field requirements, our business manager of yu long textile will recommend more suitable flame retardant fabrics.
The flame retardant fabrics by Yulong textile generally can be divided into the flame retardant cotton fabric, CVC flame retardant fabrics, cotton flame retardant fabrics, aramid flame retardant fabric and modified acrylic cotton fabric, its characteristics and different components of the flame retardant fabric is also not the same, only to learn more specific needs then can find a more suitable flame retardant fabric.
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