What harm will the arc to human body?

2015-08-07 14:23 | writer: admin

Burning the eyes, face, hand, breast and other part of human body. If serious, which will lead disability and even dead. 
Hearing lost or produce the harmful poisonous gas. 
High arc release may come into being the explosive blast and damage body. 
According to the NFPA report, there will be 5-10 arc accident in America. And every year, more than 2000 persons have been injured or killed by the arc. In France electrical accident, the arc accident account for 77%, among which 21% person have been permanent disability. 
The arc is harmful to the human body and many person dead from arc accident and the country also suffer big loss. 
Which standards does the arc proof obey to?
1. OSHA standard 29-CFR 1910
2. Occupational safety and health standards
3. NFPA 70E 
4. NFPA 70E 2000
5. IEEE 1584-2002 instruction 

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