Requirement of Anti-static Garment

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Anti-static garments are widely used in machinery, electrical, semiconductor and other industries, it doesn’t dust and stick dust, and it has the sterilize and anti-bacteria performance, the excellent and lasting anti-static performance of this fabric can effectively eliminate electrostatic charge from human body. Because this anti-static garment belongs to special protective garment, so some matters about wearing and maintaining are need to be noticed, using anti-static garment correctly will ensure personal safety and working effect.
Wearing requirement:
relative humidity ≤30%, electrostatic charge is the same as chemical fiber garment under the relative condition, anti-static garments which made of sub-conductor material should be wore  in high voltage workplaces, it is not allowed to putting on/taking off garment in flammable and explosive workplace; Anti-static garment should be matched to anti-static shoes which meet requirements of GB4385 standard. 
Notice while wearing and storing of anti-static garment: 
A.Anti-static garment should all be made of anti-static fabric as a special garment, so it doesn’t have lining. If the lining was need to be used necessarily, the exposing area should be less than 20% inner face of whole garment. 
B.According to different manufacturing object’s electrostatics susceptivity of different workplace, different class anti-static fabric and anti-static garment can be chose. 
C.Any metal part is not allowed attached or wore on anti-static garment.
D.Putting on or taking off this garment is not allowed in electrostatic sensitive product operating area(dress changing should be in specified dressing room). All fastener should be all fasten up, try to make it not in undressed.
E.Garment washing should be operate as easy as possible, strong mechanical and chemical washing should be avoid. It is better to choose a neutral detergent, and separate with other clothes. Hand washing or gentle washing of washer is suggested, for avoiding to break conducting fiber. 
F.Anti-static garment should keep clean for its excellent anti-static performance, it could be washed by banister brush with neutral detergent, fiber need to be protected.
G.A anti-static garment which made by a regular manufacture is suggested, a quality test is necessary before using, to ensure safety.
H.Afters using a while, there should be a performance test, if the anti-static performance is not meet requirement any more, this garment should not be used as a anti-static workwear. 
While anti-static garment manufacturing, a special overlock machine should be used for reducing particle. Dustless magic tapes avoid lint air pollution. According to different class, different style could be provided, which sewing with conducting fiber, this craft make the garment keep electrical continuity; sleeves and hosenbeins are special double-layer structure, there are conductive and anti-static whorl on the lining, so that it can meet the high class dustless environment requirement.

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