FR clothing function and fabric introduction

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FR clothing (welding protective clothing, fire fighting clothing) refers to the clothing can not be lit, flaming and smoldering when contacting the fire or heat source.
FR clothing is suitable for working in fire place, emitting sparks, molten metal and working in flammable substances and dangerous places, it is widely applied to oil fields, petrochemicals, gas stations, chemical, firefighting, etc, they are lots of protective requirements. The FR clothing should be consistent with GB 8965.1-2009 "protective clothing flame retardant protection - Part 1: fire-retardant clothing", GA 10-2002 "firemen fire protective clothing", GA 634-2006 "fireman insulated protective clothing", LFY -607A thermal protective performance tester.
According to the different fabric, FR clothing can be divided into cotton flame retardant protective clothing, flame retardant synthetic fiber protective clothing, high temperature resistant protective clothing, flame retardant aluminum cotton protective clothing, adiabatic protective clothing. They are based on special working environment and demands of clients to select and collocate.
First, ordinary functional FR clothing selection requirements: cotton flame retardant fabrics, CVC flame retardant fabric;
Second, the mid-range FR clothing selection requirements: C / N cotton nylon fabrics, mod-acrylic cotton flame retardant fabric;
Third, the top grade FR clothing selection requirements: aramid FR fabric, aramid IIIA FR fabric.
Fourth, there are more requirements for different industries: FR and water oil repellent fabric, fire retardant anti-static fabric, flame retardant arc proof fabric.
Fabric production and meet the above selection criteria retardant overalls to protect workers or the first time to evacuate the burning scene took off their clothes burning, reduce or avoid scald burns, to protect the goal
Select upper fabrics to produce the standard R clothing, which can protect the workers leave the burning place the first time or take off the burning clothing, reduce or avoid burns and scalds, achieved the purpose of protection.

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