Which special fabric is mainly made of special protective clothing?

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1.100% cotton FR fabric
100% cotton fabric has good durable washing performance, non-toxic and non-smell, safety to human body, breathable and vapor permeability, soft touch, suitable wear. Apply for metallurgy, machine, forestry, fire-fighting such field to wearing fireproof protective clothing, also apply for hotel, restaurant, theater for decorate using.
2.CVC fireproof fabric
Using this to produce material for making fire-proof protective clothing, having good durable washing performance, non-toxic, non-smell, safety to human body, suitable and soft wearing, more reliable to customer. 
3.Antistatic FR fabric
Antistatic uniform( work wear) is one protective clothing for easy-flame and easy-explosive place. Antistatic fabric is made of antistatic fiber with cotton & poly cotton blended fiber, good durable, which is one permanent antistatic fabric.
4.oil-water proof fabric
Many kinds of protective clothing made of oil-water proof fabric, apply for frequently touch oil and water workers, acting as labor protective clothing. This protective clothing non-absorb oil and water, and overcame the contradiction of moisture penetrability and oil-water proof performance, have good permeability and breathable, suitable wearing.
Oil-water proof material conform to anti-oil and anti-water protective clothing safety and sanitation performance requirement(national standard GB12799-91). Supervised producing by national labor protective article technical and committee standardization.
5.Anti-acid & alkali fabric
The protective clothing made of anti-acid & alkali fabric, having long time acid proof , alkali proof and lower acid absorption and such great anti acid performance. It has good protective performance to working person, this fabric apply for GB12012-89 anti-acid career apparel requirement.

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