Which personal protective measures Welders should do during welding operation?

2015-08-17 18:10 | writer: admin

Welders must do well personal protective measures during welding operation, including these protection for head, face, eyes, ears, respiratory tract,hands,body,for example welding protective clothing, gloves, glasses, mask etc. Main protection are dust proof, anti poison, anti noise, high temperature radiation shield, anti radioaction,anti mechanical trauma and dirty etc.
Besides necessary protective goods during welding operation, welders should wear air respirator which can prevent the smoke hazard in special operating occasions. Welders should wear isolation type oxygen respirator during the rush repairs welding operation in highly poison emergency , to prevent acute occupational poisonings.
To protect eyes from the damage of arc light , welders must use mask with special protective lens, and chose different type of filter glass according welding current intensity. Meanwhile it is should be consider that the brightness of welders’ vision and welding operation environment.
To protect skin from the damage of electric arc, light color or white welding protective clothing is suitable for welders. Meanwhile welders should tighten the cuff and button collar to prevent skin exposed.
for this arc light damage problem of other workers near the welding back man and welding place, they need to pay attention to cooperate with each other, backman should wear suitable color filter.In the place of several persons or cross operation, welders should make protective measures and shutter to prevent arc light from stabbing welders’ or other workers’eyes.
Besides, welders should wash hands with flowing water and soap after touching thorium-tungsten stick, and often clean welding protective clothing and gloves etc. These are valid personal protective measures that wearing noise-excluding ear capsule or ear muffs to prevent noise harm.

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