Fire-proof Fabric Test

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Fabric fire-proof performance standard
Generally, there are 2 methods for evaluating fabric fire-proof performance
1、According to the fabric burning speed: By the regulation method, after fabric contact the flame for a certain period of time, remove the flame, then measure the after flame time, smolder time and the length of damaged fabric. The shorter of after flame, smolder time and damaged length, the better performance the fabric got.
2、According to LOI sample test: Oxygen index means oxygen need of fabric burning, the high oxygen index means fabric burning need a high oxygen concentration, that is hard to burn. The volume of oxygen concentration is 21% in air, the fabric belongs to inflammable fiber when burning oxygen index is lower than 20%; it belongs to combustible fiber that oxygen index is between 20% to 26%; it belongs to flame-retardant fiber that oxygen index is between 26% to 34%, it belongs to non-flammable that the oxygen index is higher than 35%. 
Note. LOI method fit technology process experiment.  
Common Method of flame-retardant test:
1、Burning Test Method: According to relative position of sample and flame, the test can be divided into Vertical Method, 45°Method and Horizontal Method. Generally vertical method apply to flame-retardant performance test of garment fabric, decorative fabric, tent fabric etc.. 45°tilt method apply to test of decorative cloth for airplane; Horizontal method apply to test for carpet kind mat cloth and automobile interior fabrics.
2、LOI Method: Put sample into transparent burning cylinder vertically, in which there is a oxygen nitrogen flow blow up-forward, set fire to one end of sample, then observe combustion phenomenon, meanwhile compare flame burn duration and damaged length with specified limit value, according to same test in different oxygen concentration, it may detect minimum oxygen concentration that keep fabric burning.

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