What are our common flame retardant textiles standards?

2015-08-21 14:16 | writer: admin

(1) GB17591 "flame retardant woven fabrics"
This standard specifies the flame-retardant woven fabric product classifications, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, and packaging and labeling. Standards divided flame retardant properties of woven fabric into two levels: 1) B1 level: damage length ≤150MM, after-flame time ≤5S, afterglow time ≤5S; 2) B2 Level: damage length ≤200MM, after-flame Time ≤15S, afterglow time≤10S. Test Method for flame property according to GB / T5455. According to the product usage or negotiated by both parties to determine the assessment level, generally applicable to the B1 level of administration and the particular needs of decorative cloth, B2 level for a variety of fabrics.
(2) GB8965 "flame retardant protective clothing"
This standard specifies the technical requirements for flame retardant protective clothing, test methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transportation and storage, only apply to workers engaged in a fire, emitting sparks, molten metal in the vicinity of the operation and in flammable substances and have Combustion dangerous place wearing flame-retardant clothing. Its flame retardant property of clothing shall be tested according to GB / T5455, and achieve B1 level requirements as specified in GB17591.
(3) GB50222 "interior decoration of buildings for fire protection design"
The standard of fire-retardant requirements and test methods for the home decorative fabrics (such as curtains, curtains, bedspreads, furniture, cloth, etc.) has made the relevant regulations. According to GB / T5455 test vertical method, underground civil construction decorative fabrics must meet the B1 level requirements, high-level civil construction of decorative fabric must reach B1 level requirements, high-rise residential and civil buildings must meet the hotel's bedspreads B1 level requirements, and curtains, curtain cloth and furniture have reached B1 level or B2 level requirements according to different buildings and places.

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