National and Foreign Standards of Antistatic Clothing

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Anti static clothing is the clothing that sewing use antistatic fabric, can prevent static electricity gather. Regard to the standards for antistatic clothing, has National standards GB12014-2009 and EN1149.
GB12014-2009 standards
1. Domestic standards GB12014-2009 is the newest standards that drafted by The labor protection science institute of Beijing, Shanxi Yuanfeng, Xi’an garment Co., Ltd, Institute of peoples' soldiers center join to draft. It’s suitable for the antistatic clothing apply to the workplace of electric shock, fire, explosion hazard, not apply to the supply voltage.
2. Antistatic clothing is usually use common fiber blend with antistatic fiber or insert into antistatic long fiber, usually is made of polyester long fiber blend with conductive fiber.
BS EN1149 standards for antistatic clothing
1. The anti-static clothing standard BS EN 1149 is issued by the European standards committee, is a series of standards that test anti static performance.
2. There is four parts in the EN antistatic standards, the test items is mainly for antistatic performance, almost not refer to other performance.
BS EN 1149-1 is aim at the test method of electrostatic dissipation of surface resistance, it determines the electrical resistance of short distance, is not applicable to evaluate the whole garment.
BS EN 1149-2 is the standard test electrical resistance of material.
BS EN 1149-3 is the test method of charge decay.
BS EN 1149-5 is the standard that rules the performance of antistatic material and design requirements of antistatic clothing.
3. BS EN 1149 standard has more test items than domestic standards, and domestic standard mainly test electrical resistance point to point, a little simple.
4. Due to anti-static clothing standard focuses on antistatic performance of clothing, has no requests of flame retardant performance of clothing. Now antistatic fabric in domestic and foreign are mainly common fiber spinning with antistatic fiber or insert into antistatic long fiber.

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