How Many Category Mainly in Protective Clothing?

2015-08-27 16:03 | writer: admin

The protective clothing mainly divided in two category :general labor protective clothing and special labor protective clothing 
A.General labor protective clothing
General labor protective clothing is suitable in general working environmental protective clothing, mainly for common oil stain/dust/ and mechanical scratch. Country and industry didn’t appoint the consolidated product standard for general labor protective clothing , but some province and city have made the local standard, and bring in local product control limit, such as Hubei and Jiangsu province.
Except to conform to country general used standard of garment relative for general labor protective clothing, you should consider below principle in safe aspect:
1. Structure: light wear/ suitable/convenience for take on and take off/ easy for human exercise.
2. Style: two type tops requires tighten cuff, tighten hem, stud, shielding pocket with cover. The bottoms is stem pipe pants or overalls/ union suit, tight-lipped request( called for short :”three tight style”)the other style also can according to working performance/ labor category / customer need to designing , such as medical operation protective clothing.
3. Fabric: should using great breathable performance material. Forbidden to using easy flaming and easy melting material.
B.Special labor protective clothing
Special labor protective clothing mainly have below several kinds:
1、flame retardant protective clothing 2、antistatic clothing;3、acid proof clothing;4、water and oil proof clothing;5、water proof clothing;6、forest fire resistant clothing;7、X ray proof protective clothing ;8、Neutron radiation proof protective clothing;9、microwave proof clothing;10、electronic proof working clothing;11、smash proof vest and so on。

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