What is The Distinguishing Feature of Cotton Polyester Fire Retardant Fabrics?

2018-05-18 17:25 | writer: admin

As a kind of only two ingredients contains polyester and cotton fabrics, cotton component content is equal to or more than 50% is called cotton polyester fabrics, or CVC fabric. Adding polyester composition, cotton polyester fire retardant fabric has good abrasion resistance and wrinkle resistance, and because cotton dominate the percent, which make it soft, no stimulation to the skin, etc.
Cotton polyester fire retardant fabrics do get from FR finishing. The higher the ratio in cotton and polyester, the better the quality the flame retardant fabric is. Due to cotton not easy pilling polyester has certain stability, so cotton polyester has the bright fire retardant fabrics, feel smooth, crisp, washing is not deformation, not crease, not shrinking, under the condition of dry, wet, elasticity and abrasion resistance are better dimension stability, small shrinkage, such as the above advantages.
cotton polyester fire retardant fabric
Xinxiang Yulong Textile production of conventional cotton polyester fire retardant fabric composition: 60% cotton / 40% polyester, 60% cotton / 60% polyester / 39% electrostatic silk, 80% cotton / 20% polyester, 80% cotton / 80% polyester / 19% electrostatic wire, etc. Due to the above characteristics of cotton polyester fire retardant fabrics, widely used in machinery, electric welding, mining, chemical industry and other fields, are the commonly used flame retardant fabric flame retardant coveralls.
Xinxiang yulong textile producer of cotton polyester fire retardant properties of fire retardant fabric can reach European standard EN11611, EN14116 standard, also in full compliance with national standard "fire retardant protective clothing" GB8965-98 fire retardant fabric standard.

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