What are the characteristics of qualified flame retardant fabrics?

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1.Flame retardant performance should be qualified
Flame retardant fabric formal test method: combustion test method is mainly used to test the flame retardant fabric burning breadth (carbonized area and damage length), burning time and smoldering time.
Vertical combustion method: refers to the use of a specific ignition source at the bottom of the fabric from the bottom 20mm center fixed in the U-shaped folder in the vertical fabric combustion, in the specified burning time, through the assessment of the fabric burning state, Burning time, damage length and other indicators to test flame retardant fabric flame protective performance of a method.
2.According to customer requirements in line with different standards of flame retardant Europe and the United States, can issue a test report.
Appearance and test results are in line with the standard flame retardant fabric is a high quality flame retardant fabric.
To see whether the flame retardant fabric meets the fabric standards, the international main flame protective standards are: GB8965-98 China National flame protective clothing standards, EN ISO11611 (EN470-1): EU welder and similar types of thermal protective clothing standards, EN ISO11612 (EN531 ): EU Industrial Thermal Protective Clothing Standard, NFPA 2112: American Fire Protection Association Flame protective Standard.
flame retardant fabric
3.Flame retardant fabric PH value to be controlled in the qualified range.
In order to prevent disease and harmful bacterial invasion, the body sweat gland secretions are weak acid (PH value in 5.2-5.8). If the skin in direct contact with the PH value of improper control, will directly affect the human skin PH value, thus affecting health. Flame retardant fabric PH value detection has been the focus of national regulatory agencies, one of the indicators of eco-textile, but also frequently appear unqualified indicators.
4.Flame retardant fabric formaldehyde content can not be exceeded
Formaldehyde is a stimulating gas, the skin, mucous membrane stimulating effect, sensitization. Long-term low concentration of intake will cause loss of appetite, weight loss, insomnia and other symptoms. Flame-protective fabrics need to meet the European Oeko-Tex Standard 100 environmental standards, can be called excellent qualified flame retardant fabric.
5.Other properties of flame retardant fabrics
Flame retardant fabric breaking strength and tear strength test; flame-protective fabric color fastness and perspiration color fastness and color fastness detection; flame retardant fabric shrinkage detection.
With the above test procedures, the flame retardant fabric is qualified at a glance

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